At Quadrant we know that understanding your emotional tolerance to risk is the best starting point to planning the right investment portfolio for your lifestyle.

Different people are comfortable with different levels of risk. By understanding your emotional tolerance to risk we are able to deliver a financial plan that is perfectly tailored to you.

Risk Profiling forms a vital part of the WealthAnalysis™ Report that we produce for all of our clients. Now you can do this first stage right here, to find out if the Quadrant Wealth Partnership is right for you.

Risk Profiling Explained

Of all the information that we collect about our clients, probably the most important relates to their attitude to risk.

How much risk a client is prepared to accept will ultimately determine what rate of return they can reasonably expect, so it is vital that we explore risk profile at an early stage in our process.  We compare risk tolerance against the rate of return required in order to achieve lifetime goals.  What a client needs, expects and may be comfortable with is not always the same, so a trade-off between risk and return is sometimes needed.

The problem with assessing a client’s attitude to risk is that it is a very subjective matter. We have always strived to involve our clients in a structured analysis of their attitude to risk, but we know that the methods available to determine a client’s risk profile have been far from perfect. Psychometric risk profiling, a relatively new technique, allows us to get a consistent and objective measure of how emotionally tolerant a person is to financial risk-taking. We can then tailor our investment portfolios directly to the client.

All our clients go through the risk profiling process as part of our WealthAnalysis™ process, stage one of our Wealth Partnership. The results can be both interesting and enlightening! Our clients tell us that by going through the process they gain a far more in depth understanding of their attitude to risk, which they say makes it a very worthwhile exercise.

Informed decision making is key. We believe that by using psychometric risk profiling our clients are obtaining a better understanding of the choices they are making — and should consequently be much more comfortable with the results.

About The Questionnaire

This is a scientific test based on research carried out in the US, with expertise enlisted from the Applied Psychology Unit of the University of New South Wales School of Psychology.

The questionnaire consists of 25 questions and generally takes less than 15 minutes to complete.  The additional demographic questions at the end of the questionnaire are optional.

After the questionnaire you will immediately see your score and how it compares with thousands of other completed profiles. We will contact you to discuss your results following completion of the questionnaire.

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