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Newsletter February 2018: Retirement Income – It all used to be so easy…

By 22nd February 2018Newsletters

Retirement planningThirty years ago, securing an income in retirement was relatively simple; collect years of service in the company’s pension plan (or some government pension plan for public servants) and retire on a defined percentage of your final salary. A combination of poor government policy, weak investment strategy, and rapid increases in longevity has all but destroyed this type of pension. Today, for most, the risk and financial burden of securing a retirement income has shifted from companies and governments to individuals. Turning investment assets into a stable income that will support a retiree’s expenditure throughout the unknown length of their retirement is a complex problem. There are no easy solutions, as markets do not deliver consistent returns and the sequence in which these returns are experienced matter.

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Tim Hale

About Tim Hale

Tim Hale is the CEO of Albion, a strategic consulting firm that works with many of the best wealth advisory firms across the UK. Tim's book, Smarter Investing: Simpler Decisions for Better Results, has been described as a 'must read' by Mark R Richardson, former CEO of Chase Asset Management. Tim graduated from the University of Oxford and is a regular speaker at leading conferences across the UK.

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