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Newsletter November 2016: Patience is a virtue, so is being an investment tortoise

By 10th November 2016Newsletters

While many investors know what they should probably do to win the investment race i.e. set a long-term strategic plan, use high quality, low-cost funds and rebalance, too many appear to be tempted into responding to market noise and short-termism, resulting in too much investment activity.  Such an approach – grounded in behavioural biases – risks losing the investment race.  Being an investment tortoise is better than being an investment hare.  Focusing on the long-term likelihood of success is key.

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Tim Hale

About Tim Hale

Tim Hale is the CEO of Albion, a strategic consulting firm that works with many of the best wealth advisory firms across the UK. Tim's book, Smarter Investing: Simpler Decisions for Better Results, has been described as a 'must read' by Mark R Richardson, former CEO of Chase Asset Management. Tim graduated from the University of Oxford and is a regular speaker at leading conferences across the UK.

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