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Smart Beta: Passive Pereira hunts for a bespoke vehicle

By 24th May 2013Press

Andrew Pereira of The Quadrant Group is a 100% believer in passive investment and has been looking for a fund group to set up a bespoke vehicle in that mould.

Andrew Pereira, director of Stanmore-based The Quadrant Group, will go the extra mile to stick with the passive route, even if that means creating a new product with a fund manager to fill the gap.

Pereira said the firm’s concern over the lack of a short-dated passive vehicle in the fixed interest space was such that he was looking at whether a fund group could create one for his firm.

‘The short-dated element is really important because it reduces duration risk from client portfolios: people have positive or negative views on that, but for us, it’s a necessity,’ he said.

Despite a preference for bonds with up to five years until maturity, Pereira ended up with one of the only passive offerings on the market: the Legal & General All Stocks Index Linked Gilt Index Trust fund, with a duration of 18 years.

‘We are in discussions with a fund manager, but our concern is we want to keep costs and total expense ratios down, so that’s a commercial decision we have to take,’ he said.

For the full article read: ‘Smart Beta: Passive Pereira hunts for a bespoke vehicle’ published on 24th May 2013 by Rachael Revesz.

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Andrew Pereira

About Andrew Pereira

Andrew joined The Quadrant Group in 1993. He became a director in 1999 and Managing Director in 2013. He is proud to be part of the firm and to work with a great team of people who are all passionate about delivering an outstanding client experience.

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