Our Advice Process

Our approach goes beyond traditional financial advice. We will help you to make critical decisions about your future by understanding you, your values, goals and aspirations. From this we will create a financial plan that brings order to your affairs, allowing you to achieve financial freedom.

We will take you through a disciplined process to help you structure your wealth to achieve your lifestyle goals. The principles of this process have been intrinsic to our company since its inception.

1. Analysis

Examine your current situation

Exploration and Analysis are really important. Here we get to know you and understand your goals, values and aspirations. We complete a full audit of your present position to ensure that we have a true understanding of your family and financial affairs, including your emotional tolerance to risk.

Lifetime cashflow modelling is a vital part of what we do. We use this tool to see into your future, removing guesswork and allowing you to make informed decisions. It will identify what you need to earn, save, the returns needed, how much risk you can tolerate and afford to take.

We will produce a WealthAnalysis™ Report, which is an audit of your current position and provides a basis for your life plan. It will allow you to consider the underlying assumptions used and raise any material issues that might need to be resolved prior to moving onto the next stage.

Risk ProfilingFinaMetrica Logo

Risk Profiling is a crucial part of our WealthAnalysis™ process. How much risk you are prepared to accept will ultimately determine what rate of return you can expect, so it’s vital that we explore your risk profile at an early stage in our process.

Now you can complete your risk profile right here, to find out if the Quadrant Wealth Partnership is right for you.

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2. Structure

Make the most of your investments

There are four quadrants to this stage:

  • Wealth Structure: how your wealth is structured to meet your current and future lifestyle goals
  • Investment Structure: how your investable assets are structured to meet defined goals
  • Tax Structure: how efficiently your assets are structured to minimise income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  • Contingency Structure: how your affairs are structured to meet life’s unfortunate events

These culminate into the creation and delivery of a personalised WealthStructure™ Report which includes presentation and discussion of our strategic recommendations.

3. Action

Plan out the transition process

Here we deal with the rationale behind our recommendations together with the tasks and timescales required to complete them. We will provide transaction detail and a timetable and allocate accountability for all practicalities involved in the transition of assets and the necessary administrative framework. We also outline the suitability of the recommendations and finally all the regulatory requirements applicable to the transactions.

We create and deliver a personalised WealthAction™ Report to outline the entire process, to enable a smooth and simple transition.

4. Stewardship

Maintain a long-term perspective

Financial planning is not a one off event. It is a dynamic, evolving process to ensure that you meet your lifestyle goals. We believe you need ongoing advice, counselling and support.

Our stewardship process is designed to work with you in an open, transparent and collaborative way. We support you to ensure that you stay on track and you achieve your life goals in an ever-changing world.

Our WealthStewardship™ Report, along with regular meetings, is designed to provide you with a clear picture of your financial progress and current net worth and assess your long-term position, offering financial peace of mind.

Our whole process is designed to provide you with peace of mind, confidence and ensure a life well lived.

Andrew Pereira, Managing Director
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