Our AstutePortfolios™ are designed to grow your wealth with peace of mind.

Andrew Pereira, Director

We have named our process AstutePortfolios™. The word ‘astute’ means ‘acute in perception and sound in judgement’, which defines our investment process.

We will help you structure and invest your wealth to meet your lifestyle goals today and in the years ahead. If we can stop you worrying about your money then we will have succeeded.

Investors are faced with a plethora of choice in how to invest and the industry is lacking in shared insights. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, given what you read and hear, success as an investor comes from doing a few basic things exceptionally well. Most investors are either too cautious or too aggressive, or are responding to emotional pressures in the rising and falling market, with the tendency to ‘buy at the top’ and ‘sell at the bottom’. Few market-beating fund managers exist, despite what the adverts might lead you to believe.

Our approach is different. We advise that you invest your wealth using a practical framework that offers a robust, prudent and diligent process focused on your long-term financial picture.

Evidence-Based Actions

Our investment process is based on six evidenced-based actions that we believe will deliver you investment success.

Our approach is driven by research, evidence and modern investment theory. These fully support the use of low cost fund managers that endeavour to capture as much of the market return as possible. We believe that:

1. Markets are efficient

We believe that the market mechanism for pricing financial assets does so efficiently and fairly, based on supply and demand. Consequently, the price of a share in a company will reflect all the publicly available information in the market.

If the markets work well, the scope for investors to beat them is dramatically reduced. So we don’t try to beat the markets. We deliver returns as near as the markets deliver, with the least amount of risk to you. This is known as a ‘passive’ investment style.

2. Risk and Return go hand in hand

If you believe that markets work then it must also be true that risk and return go hand in hand.

Investors seeking high returns for low risk can only expect disappointment. Deciding which risks to take and which risks to avoid forms the core of our philosophy and determines the structure of our client portfolios.

3. Diversification is the most effective protection against investment risk

Asset classes and stocks that perform well in different investment conditions can offer investors a smoother return when combined. By diversifying investments across asset classes, whose return patterns are entirely independent of one another, the risk of a portfolio can be reduced by a quarter.

We make best use of the diversification benefits that different asset classes can offer.